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The iPad has revolutionised computing forever. Things are no longer what they once were. The digital age has officially arrived thanks to the genius of Steve Jobs and Apple Computers. The iPad is also a revolutionary device for educating children. Hands down the best tool for a growing mind. iPadFamily.com.au website evaluates and reviews iPad Apps for their educational values.iPad Family
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iPad Family is a review of the Top Apps (out of the 1,500 more we carefully evaluated.) that we found to be educational, stimulating, engaging or extremely useful - on an everyday basis.

Our iPad has been in use since it was first released in Australia and between our family of five we use it every day, usually up to ten hours a day for work and play. This give us a good idea of what apps make the grade...

Feature Advertising opportunities are available for iPad App Developers and iPad Accessory creators.

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Our guide are specifically tailored to generate search-engine traffic for internet visitors searching for information about the iPad, iPad Apps and iPad Accessories.

Filled with great reviews, iPadFamily.com.au is well-ranked, and visitor numbers have been growing exponentially since it began in July 2010.

The informational content of this website comes direct from our first-hand experiences reviewing over 1000 iPad Apps. There are five of us reviewing the apps, each at a different age and experience level, both male and female. This gives a good overview of what is popular and what others are most likely to find stimulating and enjoyable - as well as user friendly and easy to use.

The quality reviews appeal to visitors who are actively interested in high quality information, reviews and links, making it an ideal promotional platform for App Developers.


Statistics = What's been happening?

Rainbow Coast StatisticsOur websites are coded using Google Analytics analytical tracking system to ensure our results are monitored correctly. Using this same technology we can see our exponential growth over the last few years. The graph to the right>> shows the 701% increase in visitors from Jan 2011 to Jan 2012.

Take a look at the chart below which charts the overall visitors to the website since it began. Looking good!

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Featuring Your Business on iPadFamily.com.au

Advertise on RainbowCoast.com.auApp Developers can take the opportunity to Feature their App on our successful iPad App reviews website iPadFamily.com.au

App Developers can send us your app for Review. There are two opportunities for developers:

  • if we like it you can pay for a Feature Review and we will place your App, plus it's glowing review, on the site for the year.
  • if we don't agree to feature your App you can order a private review where we will summarise suggestions for making your App better in the next build. You can then resubmit your app to us for review after the update.

iPad Accessories creators can send us their iPad Accessory and if it holds up to the test we will review it and place a Feature Advertisement on the website for a yearly promotional.

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