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iPadFamily WebsiteRainbow Coast Web Design publishes www.iPadFamily.com.au
reviews educational and creative iPad Apps.

iPad Family shares just the BEST Apps from the hundreds we've evaluated, to save our visitors time and money! We've reviewed & tested over 1518 iPad Apps from the 250,000+ iPad optimised Apps available on the iTunes Store. We include only the BEST Apps on our website.

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iPad has changed the world

iPadFamily.com.au - iPad Apps ReviewedThe iPad has revolutionised computing forever. Things are no longer what they once were.

The iPad is also a revolutionary device for educating children. A great tool for a growing mind.

Feature Advertising opportunities are available for iPad App Developers and iPad Accessory creators.

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High-Quality VisitorsFilled with great reviews, iPadFamily.com.au is well-ranked, and visitor numbers have been growing exponentially since it began in July 2010.

The informational content of this website comes direct from our first-hand experiences. There are five of us reviewing the apps, each at a different age and experience level, both male and female.

This gives a good overview of what is popular and what others are most likely to find stimulating and enjoyable - as well as user friendly and easy to use.

The quality reviews appeal to visitors who are actively interested in high quality information, reviews and links, making it an ideal promotional platform for App Developers.


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Attention iPad App Developers &
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iPadFamily.com.au - iPad Apps Reviewed

Tap, touch, swipe your way through apps for education, fun, creativity, books, games, art and creativity as well as music creation.

App Developers can submit an App for review. Accessories can be sent for testing and evaluation.


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